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Why You Should Hire Someone to Help Manage Your Emails While You’re on Vacation


Going on vacation is necessary, especially if you feel stressed. A vacation is a great way to release the pressure that you might be feeling. However, being swamped with emails from your clients and other companies can also put a damper on your holiday. In this article, we talk about the benefits of a VA to manage your emails.

Benefits of a VA to You:

  • More Time to Yourself: Whether you’re a career man or woman, you would know that starting up on administrative work takes up a lot of time. When you hire a virtual assistant, you reduce the time it takes to deal with the administrative tasks; and you can focus on other more important tasks.
  • Fewer Operating Costs: A virtual assistant can work remotely from their homes, and you pay them according to the hours they spend working on your tasks. You don’t have to pay for their benefits so a virtual assistant is like a useful investment that you don’t have to commit 100% to.
  • Better Efficiency: Hiring a virtual assistant means you’re handing the emails to someone who can sort and write appropriate replies at a faster rate than you or anyone in your executive team can do. It’s important to filter through emails, which you know you don’t have the patience for; especially when you’re on a holiday.
  • Provides Strength in Usually Weak Areas: No one wants to do administrative work because it seems very tedious and time consuming. A virtual assistant will know how to finish the admin work without spending too much time on the task. Once everyone else’s time is freed up, they are given the chance to work on a task that isn’t as well-developed.
  • No Need to Train Your VA: Since you’re outsourcing, you won’t have to lose time from training them. Virtual assistants are trained to handle any administrative tasks, and are taught the importance of time management. Aside from that, they can teach you how to organize your emails in a system that you can manage even when you’re on vacation.
  • No Need to Hire More Employees When One is Sick: With a virtual assistant, you can outsource them to do the work that is left behind by a sick employee. You won’t need to go through the whole interview process, especially if you have hired a virtual assistant before. It costs less and takes up less time for you to find someone who can do the same kind of work.


Vacation is a time to let yourself rest, and resist the stress of your workplace. It becomes difficult when you feel hounded by the responsibility of responding to emails. It’s much easier if you can delegate the task to a virtual assistant that knows what they’re doing. These are the benefits of hiring a VA to manage your emails.

The good thing is, hiring them while you’re away is manageable.